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Why Brent Coon & Associates

BCA has built the most comprehensive under­standing of BP’s corporate culture of any law firm in the world. BCA is now at the epicenter of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster.

Brent Coon & Associates was the lead counsel in the BP Texas City Explosion of March 23, 2005, representing hundreds of affected workers in the largest lawsuit ever against BP.

BCA reviewed seven million documents, taped over 10,000 hours of depositions from BP employees and industry experts, spent millions of dollars and took the fight to depose BP’s CEO Lord John Browne all the way to the Texas Supreme Court.

Brent Coon is regularly seen on CNN, 60 Minutes, Good Morning Amer­ica and CNBC and is quoted on BP legal strategy in virtually every major media outlet in the country as the "worlds leading expert on BP's corporate culture"

Uncovering explosive evidence, BCA has worked hand-in-hand with the Department of Justice, OSHA and the National Chemical Safety Board.

BCA played a pivotal role in establishing the occur­rences of multiple, major safety violations result­ing in millions of dollars in fines, penalties and criminal charges and was chosen to represent the Oklahoma Attorney’s General’s Office in their price fixing litigation against BP.

Following the Texas City Explosion litigation, Brent Coon was responsible for initiating the program which gave over 40 million dollars to charities and universities to help ensure that the oil industry works safer and smarter.

Brent Coon personally wrote the “Remember The 15” Bill which was introduced to the State Legislature of Texas. The bill outlined several proposed regulations to improve overall safety levels in industrial plants throughout the gulf coast region.

BCA has over 20 attorneys, most of whom have significant experience working in a leadership role against BP and handling environmental and catastrophic incidents.

BCA has local offices in Houston and Beau­mont, Texas, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana and Jackson, Mississippi.

BCA has a full-time internal investigative team to help determine the root cause of the explo­sion and represents the United Steelworkers (Dis­trict 13) and other labor unions along with cli­ents that were on board the Deepwater Horizon.

Brent Coon was named “Lawyer of the Year” by the American Association of Justice for his work in the BP Texas City litigation.

On the oil spill litigation, Brent and his attorneys serve as chairman of multiple "discovery committees" and are often the firm that all the other firms turn to for information.

Finally, Brent Coon has gotten more money for his clients from BP than any other law firm in the world.

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Brent Coon discussing Oil Spill Settlement

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