GCCF Oil Spill Questions
Oil Spill Video FAQ with Attorney Brent Coon

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What do I need to do to recover my losses?
Once I file my claim, how long will it take to get paid?
What steps are involved in processing my claim and calculating my loss?
Do I really need all these documents?
What if the GCCF’s offer is too low?
What if my claim is denied?
What happens if my claim goes to litigation?
Why should I choose to work with BCA?
What is BCA’s history with BP?
What is the general background of the GCCF?
What are the advantages for accountants in partnering with BCA?
Is the GCCF beginning to close the doors to outside agencies?
What happens if a claim doesn’t just slide through the GCCF?
What is the concept of the “multiplier” and how does it work?
How is the “multiplier” determined?
What is the claims process?
How do the negotiations work?
Does BCA try to take every case to trial?
What is BCA’s history of litigating with BP?
How does BCA’s reputation impact the negotiations?
Does BP have any history of bad conduct?
Is BCA well-suited to go against BP?
Where do you go when a claim has been denied?
Is a denied claim the end of the line?
How do you determine who has a valid claim?
How many claims have come into the GCCF to date?
How many more claims do you think are out there?
What should someone do if they think they have a claim?

These videos were filmed prior to the proposed settlement by the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee (PSC). As a result of that proposed settlement, the Gulf Coast Claims Fund (GCCF) has been moved under the PSC’s control and the term GCCF is no longer used. However, while control over and the name of the fund has the changed the entity remains in its existing structure. All of the information provided in these videos is still accurate and applicable to the PCS fund (which as of this writing has not been given a formal name).