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As one of the largest plaintiff's firms in the country, and the undisputed leader in petrochemical industry related disputes, Brent Coon & Associates has the resources and experience to maximize your recovery. Among the many advantages of choosing BCA are:

- BCA has gotten more money for our clients from BP than any other law firm (read more)
- BCA has taken their fight against BP all the way to the TX Supreme Court to depose their CEO (read more)
- Brent Coon was awarded the American Association of Justice “Lawyer-of-the-Year” for his fight against BP (read more

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While GCCF Reports "Successes" - State and Local governments strongly disagree, file major law suit.

Below are a list of recently released documents and reports pertaining to the GCCF. Please pay particular attention to the GCCF’s One Year Anniversay Report. The report highlights the “successes” of the GCCF using statistical trickery, such as claiming that 97% of all claims have been “processed”. They resort to this type of statistical analysis of the fund operations to make it sound like they are doing a good job getting everyone with a viable claim paid timely and fairly. The reality is that they have engaged in a premeditated strategy of moving the numbers or resolved cases up by focusing almost exclusively on two strategies (1) pay all the claims willing to take a “quick pay” low dollar amount, or (2) to deny the claim as not causally related/deficient.

Liability for Economic Loss in Connection with the Deepwater Horizon Spill by Harvard Law Professor John C.P. Goldberg

Pinellas Marine Salvage v Feinberg Rozen and GCCF

Pinellas Marine Salvage v Feinberg Rozen and GCCF Part 2

GCCF Anniversary Report 8/23/11

New Final GCCF Methodology 8/16/11

Modification to Final Rules Governing Payment Options, Eligibility and Substantiation Criteria and Final Payment Methodology (August 16, 2011)

Attachment A: ARPC Methodology for Calculating Interim Payments for 2011 Losses Due to the Oil Spill

Attachment B: Maps 1 to 4

ARTICLE: Year Old Gulf Oil Spill Claims Fund Has Paid $5 Billion

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