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Texas joins other Gulf states in suing BP for environmental damage

May 17, 2013, 3:44 pm

Originally posted by Harry Weber - Houston Chronicle - May 17, 2013

Texas on Friday joined other Gulf Coast  states suing BP for environmental damage caused by the 2010  oil spill.

Texas’ suit seeks natural resources damages, economic damages and civil penalties. Louisiana and Alabama sued initially, while Florida and Mississippi sued last month around the three-year anniversary of the disaster.

Texas officials said in a statement their filing “follows years of work with Texas’ sister Gulf states and the federal government, as well as BP, to resolve damages associated with harm caused to the Gulf.”

Texas said it filed the suit in federal court in Beaumont to preserve its claims because “the parties to date have been unable to fully resolve claims.” The state expects its case to be consolidated with the case already underway in federal court in New Orleans.


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