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May 12, 2010, 4:21 pm

At press conferences in the U.S. and overseas, BP spokespersons repeatedly say how “much they’ll learn.” This catchphrase also permeated their media messages five years ago in Texas City. The only problem is….they didn’t learn. And as they say it all again, history is destined to repeat itself until they actually do it.

In the years since the explosion in Texas City, several investigations from various organizations were completed and they all came to the same conclusion – the BP North American Refining Sector had real, systemic failings with process safety. Among the documents you’ll find BP’s own internal investigation detailing the numerous safety failures on its Texas City plant and a speech given by BP’s Sr Vice President of Safety & Operations. You’ll also find a document detailing the numerous safety problems and fines levied by OSHA which show that TO THIS DAY, BP has failed to improve safety conditions on its plant and workers continue to die as a result.

These documents are also available at www.gulfcoastdisaster.com under the section “BP’s Previous Blunders.”

Our firm has archived this and 7 million other documents uncovered in the Texas City litigation in a website www.texascityexplosion.com. We have also begun archiving relevant information on the rig disaster at www.gulfcoastdisaster.com.

Lessons Learned - Broadribb - CCPS Conference
TCR Explosion- The Lessons Learned (Mogford speech in Orlando)
Fact_Sheet- BP_2009 Monitoring Inspection

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Brent Coon & Associates was the lead counsel in the BP Texas City Explosion of March 23, 2005, representing hundreds of affected workers. Working with the Chemical Safety Board, Department of Justice, the USW and other organizations, BCA has amassed over 7 million documents concerning refinery safety and played a pivotal role in establishing the occurrences of multiple, major safety violations. Brent Coon has discussed his in-depth knowledge of the dark side of BP’s corporate culture and how it relates to the current gulf coast disaster on numerous national media outlets including 60 Minutes, USA Today, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and Newsweek. For more information on Brent Coon & Associates in this case or in other matters, please contact Jay Jackson, Communications Director at jay@bcoonlaw.com or at 312-656-3471.

BCA has created www.gulfcoastdisaster.com where we will keep the media and the public at the epicenter of the legal action on all the issues surrounding the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill - we’ll be releasing key documents, information and insights on every facet of this tragedy and the resulting litigation that is sure to follow.

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